Prototypes and Mockups 

ONEOFF creates models, prototypes and mockups for industry, for the world of design and communication: conceptual models, evaluation prototypes, technical prototypes, end production pieces or small batch productions. 
In its workshop ONEOFF creates models, prototypes and mockups from 3D and 2D files using the best suited technology for the client’s requirements: rapid prototyping, laser cutting, CNC milling, photo-etching or even a combination of technologies.

The possibility of combining any of the technologies available in-house means we are able to choose the best solution to satisfy the client’s requirements in terms of time frame, cost and quality.

Rapid Prototyping (RP) means objects with a complex geometry can be produced in a short time directly from the mathematical model of the object to be created, using a 3D CAD system and without the need for manual tools. 
Traditional technologies such as milling machines or numerically controlled machines allow us to create objects in all kinds of materials.