Over 4500 models in 15 years

ONEOFF has been making prototypes and architectural models since 2003, bringing together new technologies – laser cutting, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, CNC milling, photo-etching – and traditional craftsmanship techniques.
For ONEOFF the true raw material is the mathematical model, thanks to which all kinds of technologies, materials and results are possible.
ONEOFF can create a direct link between idea, sketch, digital model and highly reliable physical models at competitive prices and in reduced time frames.

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Architectural Models

Digital information management has changed the world of design and architecture.
The onset of this technology has transformed the way designers work and has given life to a generation of digital craftsmen.
ONEOFF helps create the extraordinary connection between idea, sketch, 3D digital drawing and physical model, creating unique and highly communicative architectural models with extraordinarily high execution speed, precision and quality.
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Prototypes and Mockups

ONEOFF creates prototypes and mockups for the world of industry, design and communication.
Using the technology most suited to the client’s needs, we create conceptual models, prototypes for validation, technical prototypes, finished mockups or small production batches.
Starting with the raw digital material the project is defined, contextualised and integrated to become a single piece that interfaces with all the available technologies, with guarantee of high-performance and contained costs.
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Design Consultancy

ONEOFF provides support to businesses and professionals helping to consolidate their projects by giving shape and consistency to their ideas and requirements with physical and digital outputs.
Whatever your line of business, ONEOFF can answer your product design needs from concept to the final prototype.
Starting with the concept design, we accompany the client to the creation of a physical model through a delicate and important development process that culminates with checking the final prototype prior to industrialisation. 
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Laser Cutting

ONEOFF provides know-how and professional technical support for laser cutting and engraving.
The laser unit and working files are regulated by a software that manages all the operating parameters, including power, frequency, speed and can import the majority of common CAD graphic files.
Cutting is a process that follows the lines of a vector drawing. Engraving, on the other hand, is a process that releases localised energy that alters the surface of the material, modulating the engraving power with high definition of details.
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3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping (RP) enables geometrically complex pieces to be created in just a few hours, without the use of hand tools, directly from a mathematical model created with 3D CAD software.
ONEOFF offers a wide range of rapid prototyping techniques, which can obtain extraordinary results with huge potential.
In the ONEOFF Lab, Digital Culture is interpreted to its fullest
ONEOFF embraces the concept of Digital Culture to it its fullest, combining design, production and interaction design skills to create any kind of product or prototype.
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CNC Milling

ONEOFF exploits the potential of CNC milling technology to its maximum, modelling complex shapes which are able to satisfy requirements in all areas, from design to industrial development and architecture.
Unlike rapid prototyping (RP), which is defined as an additive layer manufacturing technology, CNC Milling works through material removal.
ONEOFF can create models for a wide range of purposes using 2D or 3D CAD files, as well as files with point coordinates.
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