Starting from the end of the last century the concept of mass production became synonymous with homogenisation and the denial of the individuality of the consumer.
ONEOFF interprets this need to elaborate new, flexible productive processes that can provide both designer and consumer with greater freedom in the development of the shape and characteristics of the finished product. Complying with these needs, industry is once again turning to craftsmanship, developing new technologies that are able to combine the characteristics of handcrafts with those of the industrial productive process.

The kind of craftsmanship promoted by ONEOFF is a technological craftsmanship that uses sophisticated machinery controlled by software that can bring together the complex formalisation of digital design with the instinctiveness of the act of making, while reducing the production time required for industrial manufacture.
ONEOFF effectively adopts rapid manufacturing because it is able to take advantage of all the potential of digital design applied to production.



Technology for Rapid Manufacturing

ONEOFF is the archetype of a new generation digital craft workshop and exemplifies the true potential of digital technology applied to rapid manufacturing.
ONEOFF Lab for architectural and industrial models was founded ten years ago, taking its first steps in a new and mesmerising world in which highly detailed information and mathematical coordinates are elaborated by a computer and used to build models and prototypes using both CNC and RP machinery.
This direct link between idea, sketch, virtual computerised model and actual physical model is extraordinary and can occur, where required, within timeframes and costs that, even just five years ago, were completely unimaginable.
ONEOFF helps create a direct link between project, model and industrial reality, a pivotal point from where it is possible to verify the effectiveness of the electronic information used to manage the entire industrial process.



Ideas for innovating

INDUSTREAL is a design and creative production brand, born as an offshoot of ONEOFF.
Industreal’s strengths lie in the research, the sharing of projects with young designers, the courage to select and produce, the conviction that creativity should be free from the conformism imposed by industry or manufacturers.
Spurred by the success of three exhibitions, In Dust we Trust 2004, Model Ideas 2005 and Dream 2006, we have given life to the First Collection of Industreal Products. A collection that, through the objects, interprets the quality of the materials used: porcelain, wood, glass and metal.
Objects conveying the new familiar language of shapes that express originality, poetry, function, lavishness and risk, but also the simplicity, purity and candour of an object brought to life without the sense of guilt imposed by the market numbers required in large and small scale productions.


Skin Industreal

Digital files for experimenting

Launched during the Salone del Mobile 2013 by the Industreal brand, the SKIN Industreal project offers a series of unique, innovative and customisable products, made in a range of natural materials (leather, fabric, wood...) using a single technology: laser cutting and engraving.
Available with customisable graphics for all latest generation devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks), each Skin is obtained using high-precision laser cutting, etching or raster engraving and then manually finished by expert craftsmanship in the ONEOFF Lab in Milan. Thanks to the use of laser every surface is special and unique.


Where we are

ONEOFF was founded in 2003 in Milan as a rapid prototyping workshop creating replicas, functional prototypes and architectural models with particular focus to the world of design and architecture, having secured a production workshop space at La Fabbrica del Vapore, following a highly competitive selection process.

ONEOFF at La Fabbrica del Vapore
Bringing together through sharing and training