Awards and Recognitions

ONEOFF is the archetype of a new generation digital craft workshops, known as FABLab, demonstrating the true potential of digital technology applied to rapid manufacturing.
The productive innovation that ONEOFF applies to the entire operative process is the result of analysis and strategic choices that have resulted in the following recognitions and awards:

2009_ Rosa Camuna Prize_Regione Lombardia_Costanza CalvettiThe Rosa Camuna Prize was established in 1996 to recognize the commitment and hard work of women from the Lombard region who have contributed significantly to the economic and social development of the region or who have distinguished themselves in the field of culture, civil and social commitment and creativity.
The Rosa Camuna Prize was awarded to Costanza Calvetti for the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit with which she contributed to the founding and development of the ONEOFF model-making workshop, which operates in the field of design and architecture. For the commitment to technological experimentation applied to production, through the foundation of the brand Industreal, creating a link between the processes of cultural production and creative innovation interpreted by new generations. For the work in promoting culture and the visual arts in support of creativity among young people, with particular focus on women, carried out by the cultural association FDVLAB - Laboratories of La Fabbrica del Vapore. 

2009_Winner of the Gabriele Lanfredini Prize _Chamber of Commerce - V Edition
The fifth edition of the Lanfredini Award confirms the purpose of enhancing craftsmanship, with particular attention on the promotion of innovative small artisanal businesses, focusing on those with a high technological level.
ONEOFF received the Gabriele Lanfredini Prize from the Chamber of Commerce of Milan (in collaboration with the Gabriele Lanfredini Foundation for Crafts), awarded as recognition to an artisan company in Lombardy that has demonstrated the ability of creating business through an exemplary fusion of tradition and innovation.

2009_ADI Design Index
ONEOFF / INDUSTREAL was invited by ADI to submit a range of its manufactured products for selection for the ADI Design Index.

2009_ Wallpaper * Design Awards 2009
ONEOFF / INDUSTREAL was presented with the International Award for BEST VASES 2009 in Paris.

2008_ International Ceramics Competition, Mino_Japan
ONEOFF/INDUSTREAL received an Honourable Mention in the 8th edition of the International Ceramics Competition in Mino, Japan, for the development (through the application of prototyping technology) of the product FALLING, designed by Doodle, as product capable of shaping the future of ceramics.

2008_ADI Design Index
ONEOFF/INDUSTREAL was invited by ADI to submit a range of its manufactured products for selection for the ADI Design Index.

2008_ I.D. New + Notable Award
ONEOFF/INDUSTREAL was selected by the American magazine I.D. for one of the 200 most ingenious objects, in the issue - NEW + NOTABLE 2008 Edition, THE YEAR'S MOST INGENIOUS PRODUCTS for the MOJO project created with laser cutting technology and designed by Emmanuel Gallina and Clara Giardina.

2008_Creative and Innovative Businesses_Milan Province, Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Monza and Brianza
Industreal was awarded the CreatiCityGate_Creative and Innovative Businesses Award 2008 in Milan.

2008_Winner of Design Management Europe Award_PRO-INNO Europe initiative
ONEOFF/INDUSTREAL was the winner of the 2008 DME Award hosted by the University of Wales Institute of Cardiff, United Kingdom, in recognition of its effective strategy targeted to outstanding quality and design. The recognition by the Grand Jury shows leadership in innovation and strategic excellence.

2007_ADI Design Index
ONEOFF/INDUSTREAL was invited by ADI to submit a range of its manufactured products for selection for the ADI Design Index.

2007_ I.D. Design Concept Award
ONEOFF/INDUSTREAL received an Honourable Mention by the American magazine I.D. for the product SMOKES LIKE A CHIMNEY, designed by Frida Andressonn e James Steiner.


2007_Gioia Casa Best Design Award
ONEOFF/INDUSTREAL was awarded the Best Design Award from the magazine Gioia Casa in Milan, for the product FACCETTE, designed by Alessandro Mendini.

2007_ I.D. New + Notable Award
ONEOFF/INDUSTREAL was selected by the American magazine I.D. for one of the 200 most ingenious objects, in the issue - NEW + NOTABLE 2007 Edition, THE YEAR'S MOST INGENIOUS PRODUCTS with the products VASES TEXTURES, designed by Ionna Vautrin and Guillaume Delvigne.

2007_ Wallpaper * Design Awards 2007
ONEOFF/INDUSTREAL received the International Award for BEST CERAMIC COLLECTION 2007 in London.

2005_Winner of the Call for Applications for Innovation_Milan Chamber of Commerce
ONEOFF was awarded a grant by the Milan Chamber of Commerce after winning the call for applications for businesses that apply innovation to Products / Services / Process, Management and Organization. As part of its institutional initiatives - identifying innovation as an engine for development and growth of the local economy – The Milan Chamber of Commerce supports micro, small and medium enterprises in the Province of Milan that initiate investment projects with innovative features.

2004_Winner of Piazza Mercanti Award_Milan Chamber of Commerce
ONEOFF received the Piazza Mercanti Award for Women Entrepreneurs from the Milan Chamber of Commerce. The award is given to entrepreneurs operating in Milan who have shown particular distinction in the performance of their business. The evaluation of professional excellence is based on seven distinctive parameters and an equal number of categories: New business, Internationalization, Innovation, Quality of work, Patronage and Territorial Development, Women Entrepreneurs and Environment Protection.
The selection and appointment of the winners was made by a jury comprising representatives from the world of economy, employment, academic research and communication.

2004_Winner of the L.R. 35/96 Call for Applications_ Regione Lombardia
ONEOFF was selected as prize winner for the design and manufacture of innovative products and/or services for the project "From project to object using rapid prototyping methods”.

2002_Winner of the “Make your Project”
call for applications organised by Milan City Council for FABBRICA DEL VAPORE
ONEOFF won the "Make your Project" call for applications organised by the Milan City Council and was selected by an international commission for the allocation of production space in the Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, distinguishing itself for technical innovation processes applied to the design world.
The selection committee, formed by Maria Grazia Mattei, Claudio De Mattè, Derrick De Kerckhove, Aldo Giorgio Gargani, John Maeda and Sabine Schebrak, reviewed the 302 projects submitted for the creation of a new cultural production hub at La Fabbrica del Vapore.   The proposal submitted by ONEOFF was selected based on its overall compliance to the principle criteria of the project for La Fabbrica del Vapore, the professional and organisational capacity of the proponents, the coherence of the economic plan and the innovation and research contents shown by the described activity.